Blizzard Protection Systems (BPS) manufactures a range of products designed for the military, emergency preparedness, law enforcement markets, as well as outdoor sports, casualty care, disaster relief, evacuation, medical treatment, and personal survival. This radical new technology provides maximum warmth and weather protection in the most compact of packages. Our Reflexcell™ material reduces shock and guards against the risk of hypothermia in all conditions. 

The Blizzard Survival Vest is a unique garment with a tiny packed size. A hooded body warmer covering the entire torso, made from Reflexcell™ material enables the wearer to be protected and rewarmed while remaining completely mobile.

·  Very warm 
·  Light weight 
·  Compact vacuum packaging 
·  Durable and reusable 
·  Waterproof 
·  Windproof 
·  Versatile 
·  Adaptable

·  Military - Medics, Soldiers 
·  First Responders 
·  Emergency Medical Services 
·  Law Enforcement 
·  Disaster Preparedness 
·  Homeland Security 
·  Search and Rescue 
·  Sports and Outdoors

Product Name: Blizzard Survival Jacket
Item No: BPS-03
Specifications: Vacuum Pack: 15 x 11 x 3 cm
Weight: 250 g  
Color:Olive, Siver

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